Printed Elastic Tapes

1.  Silicon Printing

Apart from providing silicone coating we also provide silicone printing options. In silicone printing we can print any design and even logo and provide a 3D look to it by adding silicone coating. This enhances the beauty of the elastic as the designs are customized and the coating provides a better feel and texture to it.

Silicone printing helps in providing a better grip to the customers while retaining the elegance of the original tape. We can perform silicone printing on the customer’s elastic as well.

Get in touch with us to enhance your elastic with our wide range of printing options.

2.  Sublimation Printing

In line with our mission to continuously develop new products and offer better elastics to our customers, we have developed special range of woven fabric from polyester yarn for sublimation printing. It is very attractive as the ink is infused in the fibers which gives it a whole new texture and feel. It is custom made for waistbands, fold over elastics and shoulder tapes.

This is entirely customizable as per the requirements of the customers and we can print any design in any colour that the customer require.


We can add silicone coating in the back of the sublimated elastic as it acts as an anti-slip gripper which keeps garments in its place. We have a team which can create any design as per requirements by mixing colours and making styles according to customer’s preference.

3.  Digital Printing

We are one of the first companies to offer digital screen printing which can print any design, logo, pattern which the customers require. With the help of our screen making machines we can develop intricate and beautiful designs as per customer requirement or we can also suggest it to them.

We continuously test new types of ink which can further enhance the outlook of the product. Screen printing helps print designs in high resolution with perfect shapes and designs.

Some of the features of our digital screen printing is colour fastness, custom cut to the specific requirements of the customers while maintaining the elasticity of the tape.

We have a technical team which can build any design of our requirement. Please reach out to us so that we enhance the beauty of your product.

4.  Rotary Printing

Rotary printing is another value addition that we provide to continuously upgrade ourselves. We have the latest technology which can print colours up to 3 colours in any design as per customers demand. We constantly try and upgrade ourselves to provide the best package to our customers by providing great value addition at lower costs.

With rotary printing we help provide a good printing option to our customers which makes the elastic more attractive while maintaining the characteristics of the elastic tape.

We even perform rotary printing on customers’ elastic as per their individual requirements as well.